Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Fisherman and the Businessman

I like this story:

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a rich business man decided he had had enough of a particular stressful situation and took a trip to South America to enjoy the beaches. On the first day of his trip he got a call at four in the morning regarding some overseas business that was going badly. Stressed and unable to get back to sleep he decided to take a walk along the beach at dawn.

As he walked a long the beach, he happened to chance a fisherman coming back with his catch in the early hours. He walked up to the boat and saw many beautiful, large fish. He praised the fisherman for his skill and asked him how long he had been doing this. The fisherman said that he had been fishing for a long time, ever since he was a child and could follow his father out to sea.

The businessman asked what the fisherman did in his normal day. In the early mornings, the fisherman would go out to sea to fish. He would then come back and sell his catch to the lorry men to bring to the market that morning. He would then spend the afternoon napping, fixing his nets and equipment and play with his children. In the evenings, he liked to go to a small get together, sip wine and play the guitar.

The businessman asked whether with his profits the fisherman had ever wondered if he wanted to expand his business? The fisherman said, "No, what would I do to expand my business?

The businessman the drew himself up and said, "Why, you could be a very rich man. First you'd hire a few more of your friends to fish for you. Then you'd buy larger boats and fish even more fish."

The fisherman said that would be nice, but then what?

"Then," the businessman continued, "you'd start up a company and export your goods, you'd own the transport and packaging business to send your fish to markets and supermarkets all over and invest in properties and stocks."

The fisherman said and then what would I do?

"Then?" the businessman exclaimed, "Well then you'd sell the shares of the company and eventually sell the whole thing off. It'll be millions of dollars."

And then?

"And then you could nap in the afternoon, mend your nets and equipment, play with your children, sip wine and play the guitar with your friends."

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