Saturday, September 4, 2010

Speaking with some dentists positively

Yesterday, I went to a little forum of dentists. Admittedly I often avoid dental gatherings. I feel uncomfortable with them (despite being one) because I don't feel that that's where I belong. My eyes begin to glaze over when they talk about further studies and specialising and treatment plans for too long a period of time.

However, for the first time I actually had a lot of fun talking to these guys! Why? Because they were unique dentists, in that they weren't doing it for the money. Don't get me wrong, these guys each are payed pretty well, but not that fabled amounts of money possibly achieved.

I'm glad to have found dentists who could say, "I don't mind spending a lot of time with a patient to get them through something - even though that means less dollar for my hour." It's so refreshing after hearing so many dentists only go on and on about time vs amount gained issues.

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