Friday, October 1, 2010

Contemplation is the way!

At first, I wanted to blog about our need for control following my blog on money. Money is but one of the big things feeding into our need for control/power. Power is the essence that we all crave for. It provides everything at once.


I came across a question that I thought worth more than my ramblings on power. During the Wednesday night discussions, a friend asked, "Is contemplation the way that our world will be saved?" My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY.

All of us, should be thinking about our lives. When was the last time we stood back and asked the question - Am I happy? Am I bored? Am I thankful for what I have? Am I doing the right thing? Am I believing in the right thing? Am I living the life I dreamed of? The most common people don't make timetables is because they claim to be too busy!... Isn't it ironic? Does that spill over to other things as well? I can't think about being happy because I'm too busy being unhappy...

Then once recognising our situation - we should be asking how to solve the problems! How to lose weight, how to be happy, how to enjoy life, how to make our time worthwhile, where is the happiness in our lives coming from? So many questions for us to ask, raising even more questions and the answers taking their time to come.

I do not believe anyone is truly evil. I do not think we go out of our way to hurt ourselves or others naturally. However, growing up, our experiences and the condition of our society can breed pathological natures. It is only by thinking and forming our thoughts and natures within, gaining control over our emotions (amplifying the good ones, diminshing the nasty ones) and control over our thoughts can we grow, mature and change humanity on every level (personal, communal and global). It doesn't matter what level of intellect, income or influence you possess - contemplation is available and accessible to all of us.

The very name of this blog - the listening point is about that. It is a point that we can be quiet and listen to the world around us. To think about what it is trying to tell us and the questions we are asking of it. So, I urge everyone who chances across these words to practice them and to tell those around us to do so. To quest for those questions and those answers that are for more important than our constant scurrying around being unhappy, unfulfilled and unglorious.

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  1. hmmm you're right actually. we desire money cos it feels like with it we can determine when our next meal is or where to live. also we're being trained to watch our own backs and not needing to rely on anyone and to a certain extent it makes totally good common sense to do so. I guess my question really is at what cost? Till we get so paranoid that the only way to succeed is to think that evryone else is against you or be completely naive and vulnerable. i dont know.